Thursday, October 22, 2009

ive suddenly decided to come to blogger! once again!! i love livejournal for its functions, but i love blogger for its designs! haha. maybe its just a 3 min randomness. =p

what we could have been, 12:31 AM.
Sunday, June 07, 2009

sighs. =(

what we could have been, 11:29 PM.
Monday, June 01, 2009

okie! no more phone! hahahaha. nvm! shall wait for next time.. =)

2 days of off days make me feel like as though i've not been working for months. HAAH. tmr is back to work day. sighs. seriously dont feel like going back. =(

what we could have been, 10:17 PM.

it totally is such a cool june holidays! although it isnt holidays for me. =( but at least im going on a short holiday! YEAH! i seriously miss school so much. working just isnt my cup of tea. but i know i ve gotta grow up one day. HAHAHA.

i gonna get a new phone at 0 dollar!!!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!! i cant wait man! although im gonna miss my old phone but im so gonna love my new phone! wanted to get samsung omnia, but it doesnt support chinese! thats one thing im troubled with cos quite a few of my contact lists ppl uses chinese to text.. so its okie.. to save money, i chose s.e w705! hopefully i can get it!

and anyway.. coming tuesday wednesday and thursday i will be alone in tien hsia.. why? because there are no lessons, no teachers will be coming, not students of course, and admin staff? on leave. and im all alone. but still. theres loads of things to be done. im gonna be so damn bored. gotta bring CDs to play there. the radio reception sucks over there.

counting down, 9 more days to bintan. =D hooooray!

what we could have been, 12:12 AM.
Sunday, May 31, 2009

yes. this is wad i do when i get bored during work. too tired. HAHAHA.
can u see the rainbow that is just above the traffic light? it brightened up my dull morning!
and its a bloody morning. screw the stupid metal stand. my whole skin to my toe came off!
when it just bled.. the skin is still on it..
after i peel off the skin 2 days later.. WAHHAHA. disgusting.
this is my master piece in tien hsia! my 3d coconut tree without coconuts! lol. not yet finished. HAHA.
with the sun i drew and cut! lol.

this aunty is super cool. i think she own's this bus. maybe. and maybe its so sunny in the night. =) she still scolded the indian guy who sat there. HAHAHA.

what we could have been, 11:49 PM.
Friday, May 29, 2009

left work early today and went to see a doctor. out of sudden my eyes got so swollen while i was working. it was so disgusting. i forgot to bring my company card out and so i had to pay for my medical fees myself. but its okie. i got the day off. which is good. till now its still a little swollen. but not as bad as just now.

tmr is another working day. and im really so reluctant to go to work. =( i cant wait till my next off day. which is actually coming soon. hahaha. this sundayyyyyyyyyyyyy! weeeee! and monday i will be meeting fishy! and tuesday maybe with the girls! and wednesday with holiday friends! YEAH! and then finally.. 9th! bintan trip! weeeee! and then! my bday! ahahhaha.

what we could have been, 11:14 PM.
Monday, May 25, 2009

today is another off day! and yesterday is a tiring day! i dont know if its miscommunication or what. but end up theres only me and xl working. the amount of work load. can kill. we were busy from 9am to 6.30pm. and i still have to wait for this mother who practically cheated me of my time and feelings. waited for so long end up she did not turn up at all. how nice.

anyway. gss is here and i cant wait to get my pay. its been so long since i last went shopping. damn. i hate my working schedule cos it stops me from doing what i want. which is why i wanted to change to a part time job instead of this killer full time.

what we could have been, 2:53 PM.
Friday, May 22, 2009

just when i was so excited about me changing to part time instead of full time, i got struck with questions which made me think about my decision again. haha. i am seriously tired allthough its only 1 month that i've been there. the amount of work load can be so torturing. haha. anyway im given 2 more days to think about my decision again.

im so looking forward to june! im excited but at the same time afraid. haha.

what we could have been, 12:26 AM.
Friday, May 15, 2009

wahahahha. i swear im gonna get this phone when im steady on income. =))

what we could have been, 9:48 AM.

i suddenly realise somethings just cannot be seen from the outside. like personality and character. it shocked me when i got to know things i know i should not have known. or rather its so bad of me to go and find out. not out of investigation, but out of curiousity. only. haha. i have no comments about it though. i have no right to care or bother about it. but i dont think its gonna affect me in anyway cos i did not get to experience what she went through. so maybe thats a good thing for me. if not im sure i will be so disappointed.

alright. back to stuffs. i did not get the job. because they wanted someone with more experience to lighten their work load now. so its understandable. but nowwww, it means i have to go and search for a new job again! haha. jiayou!

im so bored. cos im all alone now.

what we could have been, 9:26 AM.
Sunday, May 10, 2009

im dead tired! this 2 weeks is registration period in tien hsia and there are so many things to do.
so many folders, so many papers, so many receipt books, so many parents, so many kids, so many voices, so many words, so many many many phone calls.
headache. backache. legache. handache.
im going for interview for the new job on thursday.
but im so nervous and afraid. im afraid i wont get it. im afraid i have to stay at tien hsia for an even longer period of time.

what we could have been, 9:37 PM.
Monday, May 04, 2009

off day today! damn. im feeling so bored. as usual. im like wasting my off day everytime. thought i could put it to good use. but still. did nothing out of it.
going for driving lessons later.. hope i dont get all rusty after stopping lessons for a week. really hope i will be able to complete before july ends..
tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday and sunday, work. oh man. i so dont feel like going to work anymore. i dont feel comfortable working. im not myself. no one to talk to.
anyway. dinner-ed with boonseng ytd night. i felt more comfortable than last time. perhaps its cos he had a new target in mind. i feel great being a listening ear. and giving advices. im glad my advices are helpful to him. good luck!
i need my antidote. the mj session. to boost up my mood. i need my friends.
sighs. im so emo.

what we could have been, 3:04 PM.


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